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dinuriel wrote in legacyproject
Welcome to the community for The Crazy Massive Legacy Project, an experimental Sims 2 Round Robin legacy.

The difference between this and a normal Round Robin? There are no heirs. Instead, each child goes to a different Simmer and the whole family tree branches out.

The goal: See how far it can spread.

How do I sign up? -- Leave a comment on this post expressing your interest. You will then be added to the list. When you reach the top of the list, you will be contacted by one of the current Simmers when they are ready to assign their Sim's children to new players, preferably when said children are in the teen stage. Once you have been asked to take on a Sim, leave a comment so that a mod can modify the list. Be sure to let the Simmer know whether or not you want to play your Sim through college so they can package him/her appropriately.

How do I post? -- Just like you'd post to any other LiveJournal community, either through your LJ account or through OpenID. Your entry should include a preview picture, plus the body of your entry under an LJ-cut--or, if you prefer to post to Blogger/WordPress/your own journal/etc., put the link where the cut would be and specify where it leads. Tag your entry with the generation number and the full name of the Sim you got from the previous Simmer.

- Is this commentary, or narrative? -- Whatever you like.

- Do I have to play in a specific neighborhood? -- Not at all! Any neighborhood/downtown/shopping district, custom or premade, is fair game.

What about CC? When I get a Sim, can I change their CC to fit my game? -- Absolutely! Once you have your Sim, he or she is your Sim, and you can do whatever you like CC-wise. Don't even feel compelled to keep the CC contemporary; if you play a historical, fantasy, or sci-fi game, feel free to let the Sim and their children reflect that (although some sort of background explanation might be nice if you're the storytelling type).

Are there any limits to who my Sim can marry/breed with? -- Yes. They have to be a Sim :P But seriously, all Sims--Townies, NPCs, playable premades, your own Sims--are fair game.

Is there a particular naming scheme? -- Yes. For organization's sake, the alphabetacy naming scheme will be used (with the exception of spouses/sexual partners, of course). The founder's name starts with A, her children's will start with B, her grandchildren's will start with C, etc. Within those limits, though, any name is fine. You can even make up names if you like. Don't worry about repeat names.

My Sim is engaged to another Sim whose last name I like better than my Sim's. Can my Sim take their spouse's name? -- Sure. The variety will come in handy if there are repeat first names.

I haven't had much time/desire to play. I'm not close to done yet, but the Simmers who played my Sim's siblings are either very close or are done entirely. Is there a cut off time for a given generation? -- Nope. Everyone plays at their own pace and generational overlap is fine. Just make sure that your entries are tagged with the generation number.

I'm almost done my generation--now what? -- If you're at the point when your Sim's children are teens, it's time to prepare them to be sent. Get in touch with the first person on the list (if they have already been contacted and the list has not been changed, they will let you know) and be sure to find out whether they want the Sim packaged as an adult or young adult. You may also share your Sim's recessive DNA information in case the next person is interested. If more than one Sim has reached the teen stage, you may contact that number of people from the top of the list and they can decide amongst themselves which Sim goes where. If the person at the top of the list does not have a LiveJournal account and you don't know where to contact them, let a mod know.

- All of my Sim's kids have been passed along, but I'd still like to play out the rest of my Sim's years. Can I continue to post entries here? -- Yes, but make sure to mark them with the tag "Epilogue".

- In terms of gameplay, the only real rule is to have fun. There are no points; just enjoy yourself and see if/how the chaos unfolds.
- Reproductive hacks such as InTeen, same-sex pregnancy hacks, PT hacks and ACR are allowed. Adoption is also allowed.
- Adjusting recessive genes in Sim PE to match those in the previous player's game is allowed.
- Hell, even cheats like motherlode and maxMotives are allowed :P Whatever gets the job done.

Have fun :)


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