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Generation 1.3
dinuriel wrote in legacyproject


Funny how things work out sometimes. I'd already made arrangements for someone to take care of Bernadette while I'm at work, but as it turns out, she's born right at the start of a pretty substantial break. Freelance web developers don't have to work all that much, apparently.

Actually... I kind of have to wonder why I can't work from home, but whatever. At least I have the time to spend with my baby.

Not that she's much of a baby anymore.

Bernadette gets a bright blue dress for her birthday. We went online and she pointed it out herself. It's got matching shoes and some sort of plant pattern on the skirt. I think my little girl might be an artist--not that it's early enough to tell, but she does seem to like her colors and patterns.

With all the time off, I get to work teaching Bernadette some of the basic... well, you know. General skills, the whole 'growing up' thing. She's a pretty fast learner. At least, she's walking in no time.

Talking is kind of a struggle, though. Bernadette's pretty... well, I'm not sure if she's shy, exactly, but she's definitely introverted. I'm kind of worried about how she's going to react to people besides Sinjin and me.

But it's my first day back at work and the nanny's here, so I guess I'll find out when I get home. I don't know how good this Theresa lady is going to be, but there's only one nanny agency in town, so... here's hoping she knows what she's doing.

Not that I'm not worrying the entire time I'm at work. And can you blame me? We haven't been apart since she was born, and now she's with a stranger for hours on end while I'm at a computer desk on the other side of the city trying to pay our rent?

Oh well. We both survive the first day, and Theresa didn't burn down the building or anything stupid like that, so I guess I can breathe easy for a while.

Even if my goddamn boss didn't give me that promotion after all. Jackass.

NOTE: Sorry for the short update. I haven't been getting much game time lately and most of it has been devoted to taking shots for stories, so... yeah, didn't get much playing done. 

Either Bernadette had the most boring babyhood ever, or I've become so much of an efficiency junkie that even video games are affected.


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