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Generation 1.2
dinuriel wrote in legacyproject


A friend from college calls me up one day, probably just desparate for some contact with the outside world; Wendy's one of those perma-students who will still be on campus past the point when a nursing home would be more suitable. Anyway, other than the doctor and the nosy drug store clerk, she's the first person I tell.

"You're sure?"

"Positive. Took three tests at home then went to the doctor."

"Ouch. So... are you keeping it, or what?"

"I guess so." It's not an easy choice, but my mind is mostly made up. While I never imagined getting started this young, I'm not as averse to the idea of kids as I am to other traditional family ideas like marriage. That and it's a pretty big apartment for just one person, and living alone does get kind of lonely. And if daytime TV has taught me anything, it's that being a single parent is the best way to hook up with hot teachers.

I can almost hear her shrug. "Well, whatever you do, all the power to you."

"Thanks, Wendy."

But all the power to me or not, the internet says that kids are frickin' expensive. Luckily, the gods of Craigslist are smiling on me today and I nab something tolerable--freelance web development. Somehow my literature degree helps me get the position and I spend the next hour on Google trying to learn HTML.

It's easier than I would have guessed, so unfortunately I have the time to do something a little more difficult.

"Hi, Sinjin? It's Ariel."

"Hey, babe." He sounds pretty happy. I don't know if I should be relieved that he's in a good place or anxious that I'm about to wreck it. "What's up?"

"Er... you kind of left something at my place."

"I did?"

"Yep. Your sperm in my fallopian tubes."

He's silent for a couple of minutes, but after a while he manages a wordless croak of ""

"Yeah, so much for this new brand of birth control being more effective."

Another pause. "Uh... and it's definitely mine?"

I shrug. "Well, only if you believe in math."


Poor guy. He's just not ready for this. But actually... that kind of works for me. "Anyway, no pressure. You know I'm not looking to settle down with anyone and that hasn't changed. If you want to know the kid, great. If not, that's your choice."

He says he'll think about it. That seems fair.

All in all, it's a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Made a few new friends. Went on mat leave. Spent a hell of a long time watching the Yummy Channel. That sort of thing. Sinjin stopped by a couple times. I don't think he's used to the idea yet, but at least he's trying. I'm thinking I'll let him go to the hospital with me if he feels up to it.

I've pretty much come to terms with it. Maybe I didn't see it happening this early in my life, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans and sometimes life throws you curveballs. And like I said, I never actively didn't want kids. There are other things I want to be, sure... but I think a woman can be all those things on top of being a mom.

Plus it turns out I have the best support group ever. I was talking with my college friend Vanessa just after I went on leave and what do you know? My boss is her cousin and she's going to pull some strings for me.

And I started buying things for the nursery. Remember how I said I didn't like yellow? Well, still not a fan. But it's a good baby color without being a boy color or a girl color, which is convenient because none of the doctors around here seem to have perfected sonogram reading. Besides, who says my girl has to like pink or my boy has to like blue? We'll redo the room when the kid's out of the crib--and then the kid can pick their own colors.

Sinjin comes to stay with me when my due date gets close. He still has his reservations, but at least he's man enough to try. He even brought up the subject of child support on his own, which I never would have expected from any man. He'll be a decent dad, even if from afar.

That, and he's good to have around for, you know...

Practical reasons.

Anyway. My doctor told me to expect the kid within one or two days of the first day of winter.

He neglected to tell me that he was a lying son of a bitch.

Some fluid drips down my leg and pains surge and Sinjin's freaking out like some teenage girl who just discovered her skirt clashes with her lipstick. I swear to the Plumb-Bob god it's the quickest birth in the history of births. I barely have time to get my pants down before there's a head sticking out of my vagina and I don't even get a chance to lie down before I have to yell for Sinjin to get some towels and to sterilize some scissors for the cord. Don't ask how I managed to catch her. Just--don't. You don't want to know.

But hey. Give it a few weeks and it'll just be a funny story. At least my daughter's here now.

Welcome to the world, Baby Bernadette.

NOTE: Yeah... kinda sorta maybe forgot to snap a shot of Ariel in labor XD Still working on the candid shots thing. 

What's with these AL townies and their mismatched hair and eyebrows? Which is indicative of their genetics? I sense that SimPE use is inevitable.

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And A lot of the time the SimPE is DNA is wrong on the premade playables. I don't know about the townies.

Yeah, I'd heard that about the playables :S I'm not sure about townies, but I know most NPCs have "dyed" hair, at least.

Guess I'll just check the kid's genes directly?

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